Two narrow hallways on either side of the common room's entrance line the side of the ship. Comfortable crew quartered lie well protected within. Each room is suited to its owner. Somehow no matter how the crew composition changes, it always is a perfect fit as if it were never any different. The kitchen is however the first room right behind the common room with access on either side. A large black stove sits in the center. An inexhaustible supply of spices suspend from the racks and sealing. Old copper pots and pans line the shelves. A polished stone counter covers cabinets filled with fresh supplies. A smell of freshly backed potatoes extends back in the hallway. Right behind the kitchen, a narrow staircase splits off leading down to the main cargo hold and the boiler room. The cargo hold is not much more then a high ceilinged garage showing the metal frame of the ship. It is only raised a little up from the kiel allowing the walls to arch out and then inward again across the entire width of the ship. A crane hangs near the gigantic back doors on a rail which allows it to extend outwards from the back. A portion of the cargo hold is taken up by several workbenches allowing the mechanic to work separate from the noisy engine. Right where one decents from the stairs, a metal door marks the entrance of the boiler room. A large cattle connected to a fierce stove heat the room to a nearly uncomfortable level. Loud machinery lies behind always in motion. Coags and wheels turn and spin. Steam periodically jets from copper pressure valves and a maze of tubes decorate the entire belly of the ship. When one would walk the metal grating all the way to the bow, one would find a quiet little room in the front. Although mostly occupied by the main engineer of the ship, it is the only room which still exists when not
occupied. It is a special privilege which archon allows for those who operate the furnace and mechanics of the ship. A secondary set of stair lead back up along the bow of the ship, crossing both hallways
of the crew quarters. Several doors which one might not have noticed earlier mix up with personal rooms. A storage room or two and perhaps a small library might be amongst them. A sun roofed greenhouse with fresh vegetables is often easy to find. Continuing upward, a hatch leads back on the front deck of the ship.