The long stretched balloon is the first thing you will notice when archon is near. Old and stained linen covered by a grid of copper tubing and wires hold it in place. Cables span across its entire length allowing for
flexibility. Beneath the large balloon hangs a shiplike structure with a wide upper deck at the rear. The bottom is slightly bent by its old age as if the beast is unable to straighten its spine. Yet the slight curl suggests a strong robust back which can withstand a good impact. The dark wood of the ship is covered with brass and copper features. Large windows on the stern reflect the sunlight and many portholes line the sides. The stern also hold two big cargo doors. The wheel on top of the upper deck overlooking the entire ship. It is only several meters underneath the balloon. A narrow aerodynamic front and the two pivotal propellor driven thrusters on each side suggest great speed and manouverability. On either side rope ladders go up and over the balloon to a narrow walkway covering the entire length of the ballon with a lookout post on either end.

The DeckEdit

The deck itself is clean and sturdy. Ropes, cranes and pullies cover the sides allowing to operate the complex mechanisms which allows archon to navigate. A large beautiful compass it suspended near the
stern in a sphere of liquid. Stormlanterns which have not even failed in the heaviest storms align the sides two by two, bathing the deck in gold during the quiet nights. Several small hatches allow acces to the lower cabins. The main deck has two broad stair to the upper deck with large glass and woden double doors between them granting acces to the bridge of the ship. One can look straight through the large room out the back with not much but the copper frame of the glass and the old furnature in between.