An impressive door yield access to the lower parts of the ship. One decants into the main common room directly from a small flight of stairs yet little wind ever attempts to sture the everburning candles along the wall. The ceiling bends inward with the shape of the ship. Old floorboard, covered with a large detailed carpet dampen the footsteps to a comfortable level. The sound of wood always plays like an orchestra of crickets in this quiet sanctuary. The smell of sweet sigar smoke, freshly polished silver and old books add to the feeling of home. A long wooden table dominated the middle of the room topped of with a golden chandelier. Several comfortable seats take up the far corner of the room allowing for a view out the back of the ship. The large sturn windows who most do not notice from the outside only cast a dim lights on the luxurious interior. Several antique bookcases and cabinets file up along the walls, curving with them yet always standing straight. Shelves with journals, antiques and exotic treasures suggest the long history of the ship. One would not guess this all would fit as spacious as it does when looking at the outside, but archon has a way of deceiving the untrained eye this way. A single door on the side leads out onto a short bridge into a glass covered dome, a door which has not been closes in a long long time. 360 view give the impression of flying through the clouds in complete freedom the copper frame holding the glass is the only thing which suggests the safety of being still inside. A small table with an old map nailed to it and a single chair are the only obstructions of the view. The map is hard to read. It never looks the same on a second glance. Some would recognize the hanging patterns of the hedge roads. Several instruments to be wielded by the captain allow for navigation in the ever-changing landscape.