Goblin by pervandr-d2yoydw

a.k.a. Sparksizzle

a.k.a. Goblin

Height: 112 Barleycorn (3' 4" inch)

Weight: 1.14 Firkins (0.285 Imperial Beer Barrels (41 kg))

Type: (Hedge Creature, Goblin, Hobkin)


Spraksizzle is a relative intellegent creature for his kind. He has the unfortunate trait of frequently reversing his aging process causing a chaotic life but also time to learn. He has experianced the wisdom of old age and he was able to use it over and over again as a vital young creature. Learning from his mistakes and exploring new paths of life. Realizing his mortality after several cicles he saught safety which he found aboard Archon. In his old days the Airship is a very safe place compared to the wilderniss of the hedge. The constantly changing crew keep him company and provide protection unlike he could find with a single changeling. During his younger periods he is able to live an exciting life full of wonder and excitement. Treasure hunting, exploration and epic battles have become common entertainment to this virtually immortal creature. Over time he has picked many human and changeling traits such as speech, manners and most important of all: loyalty.