The Charter is currently under development. Eventualy this should form the basics for the Motley pledge. Please add your personal notes to create a view of what the motley should stand for.


In my oppinion, Archon is a vessile to aid the ongoing was against the fay. It strives for absolute freedom to sail the skies and it enforces friendship and trust by oath. Besides that, the history and treasures of the Archon must be protected at all cause. The first version of the charter is based on the constitution of the united states and therefor not very well suited as an oath.

The charterEdit

The Archon charter is the oldest piece of fundamental law known to exist. Many historical official documents are based on these terms as it proved very well formed in principle. Several important policical changelings aboard the Archon have strived to have forms of this charter to be adopted by governments.

  1. Each individial is entitled to freedom of Court, Motley or believe with the exception of aid or faith toward the Fay. All shall vow to aid the fight against the Fay and swere off any ties to the Fay or their servents.
  2. One has the right to possess weapons or powers which can be used as a weapon. These means of power may be used in self defense. One with ill intentions toward Material or personal matters aboard or in possession of the Archon will be shunned by mental repelant.
  3. The Archon or the crew shell not be commanded into direct battle. It is prohibited to station or transport soldiers aboard the Archon outside of wartime. War is declared by the crew unanimously for a predefined period and against a hostile enemy.
  4. No one can search, seize or spy personal affects or personal quarters aboard the Archon designated to an other individual.
  5. Trail of a major crime inflicted aboard the Archon or involving a member of the Archon must be held after an indictment by a grand jury, with the prohibition of secondary trials without due cause. Punishment is not permitted without due process.
  6. It is guaranteed to have a speedy and public trail in case of a criminal offense. One has the right to attend trail, speak in his defence and/or legal counsel. One has the right to freedom until guilt has been proven.
  7. Rules, regulations and laws shell be decided by crew majority. All shell be founded upon this charter. The captain is permitted to order or execute judgment without a trail in time of crisis. The captain will be subject to civil law and majority vote at all times.
  8. It is forbidden to inflict captivity upon any sentient individual. It if forbidden to bring bodely harm to another crew member. Any punishment in the court of law shall not be cruel toward the individual.
  9. Each crew member in addition to the Archon itself has the right to freedom, friendship, privacy and secrecy of personal information, speech, vote, a personal room, a protected door and to leave the Archon at any time.
  10. The sovernty of freeholds are reconized and respected unless conflicting with this charter. Every changeling shall be given the right of freedom, safety and protection against the fay, and aid in the case of injury.