a.k.a. Alexander M. van Drakenstein

a.k.a. Herald J. Dick

Height: 184

Weight: 149 brithish punds

Date of Birth: January 2nd 1684

Fay Obduction: 7 december 1703

Recorded Death: 7 december 1703
(November 27 by the old engish calander)

Cause of Death: Drowning

Family HistoryEdit

Lords and LandsEdit

Alexandrius Machistratus von Drakensteyn originates from a royal family with the English title of Lord. Their lands are devided over England, the Netherlands, India and the new world, but most of their capital lies in the Netherlands. The family is related to the Dutch Knighly court of Drakenburg near Baarn established by Frederik van Drakenburg. Many of the expensive estates in the area had switched ownership many times during the 17th and 18th century. At the end of the 18th century the are became popular as a suburb of the fast growing IJselmeer. The knight court itself was demolished in the 19th century because it had fell in decline by lack of maintance and realestate investors were competing for land to develop the neighborhood of drakenberg which we know now to be a district of IJselmeer.

Alexandrius as ChangelingEdit

The DrowningEdit

What mortals describe as the Storm of 1703 was actualy a gigantic war between several Fay. It is still extimated that the storm itself was the worst weather which modern europe has ever scene. Daniel Defoe (Author of Robinson Crusoe) describes it as the worst storm the world has ever seen. The horrific tales are probebly due to the unfathamoble sights of the Fay which mortal minds can hardly comprehand. The mass trauma has therefor been recorded as purly a storm.

The naval battle was played out on the Northsea where the British navy suffered gigantic losses in a futile attemt to battle the Fay. The war took three days and covered a destructive path of 500 kilometers. The British navy recorded a personal loss of in the thousands. Alexandrius was one of the unfortunate souls who did not find death, but a world of terror, beauty and eternal slavery.

Lost and FoundEdit

A silent wind blow in the hedge. Thorns cling and clather together like the deadly pincers of the 2 meter insect like creatures lurking above, but besides that, everything seems a little bit too quiet. The path through the thorns is wide and should keep most hedge creature away, yet something approaches. I can feel it... I check the bandages on my right arm. The bleeding has stopped but I won't last much longer. Infection has already set in and I can feel the poison and bacterials burn through my vains. I look around. Good cover on either side, a clear path ahead and a fading sun avove. Here is where I will make my stand. Whatever it is, I will meet it. Only moments after, a loud roar exits the silence. Leaves and thorns strike at my face as they blow around. A large shape blocks out the amber sun and drops from the sky. Powerful wings thrust through the air as it lands with a final burst of power. A hot breath of coal and ash fill the air replacing the dust inconvenience of dust. Before me a dominating shape looms in the fading light. Wings extend on each side which are being folded inward. Hot steam taunts my lungs as I take my defensive position. A voice cries out followed by another roar. I cannot make out the words. My vision is blured and I expect to fall soon. A opening appears. Two gigantic doors open and a creature, clearly humanoid this time surges out what must be a vehicle. I prepare for an attack, but the strike does not come. With a blink of an eye, he is right up in my face. Surprise takes the best of me as I hold my counter. "all clear" he calls out to someone behind him who echoes the message further along. Before me stands a changeling of a kith which I have not seen before. "greetings changeling" he says "It is a pleasure to have finally found you. May I introduce you to the reason of our encounter. This is Archon." and he points to the great zeppelin behind him. "And he has decided to drop from the sky upon your path to meet you. To whom do we have the honor?" before I can answer exhaustion takes its toll and I fade into uncauntiosness.

Alexander was resued by the crew of the Archon on his escape attempt from arcadia. If it had not been for the Archon he would probebly not have survived the hedge. A changeling failing to find an exit to the mortal world is doomed to the terrors of the hedge or starvation if one is lucky. Until recently he was only a passenger aboard Archon, learning about himself and studying the hedge. When a streak of misfortune hit the Archon, Alexander was forced into service, something he prowdly accepted.