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Welcome to Airship Archon Archives WikiEdit

The Airship Archon Archive is a wiki for the WoD Changeling Larp of Knights of the Kitchen Table.

This wiki holds the colabarative information about the airship or zeppling name Archon, the motley operating on it and each individual changeling or other creature of board. The goals to create a shared imaginary space in which our larp characters can live and thrive. It creates a backdrop for our personalities and it gives a common bond, a common interest and a common purpose. No one member can claim higher priority in these works. The writing of each member equally true although many ideas are mere possibilities of what the actual truth is like. Many of the ship's workings van only be speculated about. We strive to create a place of unimaginable wonder and excitement where everything is possible.

An Airship is a form of transportation that consists of a wooden gondola attached to a large balloon, in which hot air or an other lighter-then-air-gas is pumped by a phlogiston boiler. They are swift, able to make long journeys, and pass above rough terrain. The current popular design comes from the german pioneer Ferdinand von Zeppelin who popularized the airship for military and civilian purposed. The original design was that of David Swarts.

The truth behind the mythsEdit


Some might have heard the tales of a mysterious airship rooming the hedge. Most believe it only to be legend or myth. Some believe it to be a tale of a past long gone. And know about the airship sailing the skies of the hedge between the mortal world and Arcadia, the dreamlike world where the Fay rule their terrible games. The stories range from a ruthless pirate vessel with corpses hanging from the masts to the saviors of the changelings riden by creatures as strong as the Fay themselves. It is unknown is any of the stories actually might have been true at some point.


Archon is very old. It has been around longer then anyone can remember. It is either from a time long gone, or from a time which never existed. Few outside the autum court would have actual information about the airship or even heared of the existance. Details might range from just knowing its existance to actual visual record of the airship and information about its mission and charter. Depening on the ones recording history, not all stories will be positive. It is easy to write the blame to a uncatchable vigilante group. Some of it might even be true.


From an outside perspective, very little facts are known.Visual accounts might be accurate and record of several operations surely exist. Each crew member is oathbound to secrecy about the protected carried aboard. Secrecy is important for security so very little can be said. The oath simple prevents changelings from speaking secrets unless they willingly and contiously break the oath in which case very servere consequences will be brought upon them. This fact itself is however not a secret.

Archon WalkthroughEdit

The ship has a steampunk feel. Technologie is that of impractacle and improbable beautifull named Phlogiston Technology. Electricity plays only a minor part, internal combustion engines are not present, but instead most is driven by steampowered pressure. Light cloth, Polished wood, glass and shiny copper make up the base materials for the ship. Pullies, beltdrives and pressure valves control everything. Hollow tubes allow for communication, or perhaps oldfassion phones might have made their introduction. The architectural stile is heavely romantisized, delacate and refined.

Elevation is provided by the large gasfilled balloon of the traditional zeppelin design. It has both an interior and exterior frame to provide a strong structure. Below the balloon a galleon-like gondola is suspended. Many artfull golden statues delicate the fine craftmanship. The windows are larger then one would expect on a ship, giving it a much lighter appearance. Large steamdriven propellors and mechanacal wings provide great manueverability.

The style of the ship is mostly base on the romantic era or romantisism (a late 1700 artstyle) and Steampunk

The CrewEdit

Archon has outlived many generations of crews. Traditionally, between the 4 and 7 crew members operate the ship with room for several (sometimes perminant) passagers. All members have to abide by the charter which is a oath of secrecy and protection, but it also identifies ones right as a member and changeling.


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